Setting RD DPS power supply with Node-RED Modbus

In this post i showed how how it is possible to read from the DPS power supplys with the Node-RED modbus module. Now also to setting/writing the parameters.

Function code 6 writes to a single registers 2 bytes, see my full flow: node red flow screenshot You can also download it here and import it directly onto your instance to play around.

For voltage or current the inject nodes output a floating point number, which then gets scaled and limted to the allowed integer range (0-5000 on the DPS5005) before the modbus node sends it to the power supply.

For power switch and key lock just 0 or 1 gets send to disable or enable the setting.

It is also possible to write directly multiple registers with function code 16 (equals 0x10 in the documentation hex format), for example set quantity to 2 and inject a array json to set 10V and 0.5A: node red flow screenshot

Now Node-RED allows to extends this a lot of course, it could make it possible to set prameters over HTTP reqests, MQTT or automatically based on conditions to test other devices. For example it cycle through different voltages to check if the circuit performs as expected.