This is my personal blog about various tech projects. I am a currently 23 years old guy living in germany, playing with everything from Linux servers, software development, IoT to electronics, rc models and 3D printing parts ;)

The blog is built with jekyll (github-pages) and the the website/css is completely self made. I used parts from following awesome open source projects:

Basic structure Minima (MIT): https://github.com/jekyll/minima

Code background (MIT): https://github.com/influxdata/docs.influxdata.com/blob/influxdb-1.6.4-oss/static/img/pre-background.svg

Font = Open Sans (Apache2): https://www.opensans.com/

Comments: https://github.com/utterance/utterances

If there is interest i might release this as standalone jekyll theme, otherwise feel free to fork my blog repo and fill in you posts.